Smart solutions come in many shapes and sizes.

Inspired by their lush landscape, we created a visual identity reflective of the changing seasons.

View Story — Jeff Trojek
Director of Graphic Design

Creativity isn’t limited to the printed page or a glowing screen.

Our full-service work takes the form of many mediums: web and app development, video and animation production, branding and graphic design, curriculum and creative writing, communications strategy, marketing, public relations, and more.

What’s the common thread between these services? Artistic storytelling, backed by smart thinking and infused with resonant meaning.

We quickly realized that a high-quality animation was the best method for highlighting their revolutionary industry innovations.

View Story — Chris Arnold
Director of Video Production

When you work with Polymath, you get experience plus passion.

Our flexibility as a remote-working agency allows us to tap the best talent, no matter where they live, and put them to work for our creative partners. Polymath’s team of storytellers has the knowledge and experience to take your idea from abstract concept to concrete deliverable, as well as the enthusiasm to see it thrive.

This calling is personal for us. We create, build, and design not just because it’s how we make a living. Truly, we couldn’t live any other way.

How We Deploy