Our team is in the midst of one of our most fascinating projects to date: building a podcast on the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Last summer and fall, we traveled to Israel to plan, craft, and record content for the Philos Project’s upcoming auditory journey of the Holy City’s fascinating history.

Jerusalem is indisputably among the most fascinating cities in the world. Through thousands of years of history, it has stood at the intersection of extraordinary conflict and creativity. It has been home to prophets and poets, kings and conquerors, Messiahs and revolutionaries, statesmen and states. It’s played an indispensable role—directly and indirectly—in the flowering of the three major monotheistic religions, which presently cover vast swaths of the globe.

Jerusalem, Israel for the Jerusalem Podcast production | Philos Project

To tell the story of Jerusalem is to tell the story of the Middle East—and in many respects it’s also to tell the story of the world. The Philos Project—an organization that engages Christians with the Middle Eastern origins of their faith—aims to peel back the layers of this deeply complex city in their Jerusalem podcast, set to debut in 2019.

On our recent trip, we joined a group of Christian artists with Philos, capturing the sights and sounds of Israel for production of the Jerusalem podcast. Watch our Director of Video Dale Goldberg‘s artistic take on the journey:

Cityscape of Jerusalem, Israel | Jerusalem Podcast for The Philos Project

Stay tuned for the arrival of the Jerusalem Podcast. In the meantime, follow The Philos Project on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to be the first in the know.