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8 of Our Favorite Things from 2020

Well, we made it. 2020 is over. What a wild ride this last year has been for everyone, including us at Polymath Innovations. What began as a year of great promise quickly turned into…something else…as plans, campaigns, and projects were simultaneously upended by a global health crisis and transformed by rapid shifts toward digital-first communications….

Eureka! The Surprising Truth About Brilliant Ideas.

We need another approach to problem solving, what I would call creative problem solving, a way of drawing upon resources outside of our spotlight consciousness to generate not only creative solutions but solutions that can actually resolve these types of wicked problems.

Harnessing Data to Make Branding Decisions

Branding is tricky work, but knowing how to support the creative process with data can help you make confident decisions.

A Year for the Books

It’s 2020, so we’re looking back to review the highlights and crunch the numbers on our year that was. In our sixth year as an agency, our “Polymathletes” spent more than 22,000 hours bringing our partners’ visions to life—creating ultimate impact for their people, their clients, their customers, their donors, and their fans. At a…

Standing Out in A Crowded Marketplace

Just over twenty-one years ago, several students gathered in a friend’s garage to incorporate their nascent search technology project. No human had yet uttered the phrase “google it.” And it was only fifteen years ago that a kid at Harvard launched “” to help fellow students build their friendship network. It’s amazing to consider how…

Building A Presidential Campaign Brand

What’s riding on a good logo? A lot, if you’re running for president. Most voters never get the chance to meet the candidates face to face. But, they do get to interact with campaign branding through a variety of ever-evolving platforms: TV, social media, and direct mail, to name a few. When executed well, a…

5 Ways Minimalism Improves Products, Design, and Business Strategy

“If I had more time, I would’ve written a shorter letter.” — Blaise Pascal In the early 2000s, a search engine battle raged between Yahoo and Google. The former sought to provide everything you could want from one dashboard. The latter focused on just one thing: an extremely effective search bar. Today, there’s no question…