With Limitless Opportunity, Where Do You Invest?

With social media now given substantial weight in marketing strategy, how do brands quickly add smart social advertising into the mix?

Although dozens of ad types, platforms, targeting options and more abound, there are a few central questions that can quiet the noise and focus your efforts on the most worthwhile investment in social media. Below, we take a quick dive into a few smart questions and examples to explore.

1. Our audience is diverse, so how can we reach each segment with tailored creative and messaging?

Every organization has some level of complexity—whether it’s a bevy of product offerings or customer personas. As marketing continues to turn more personalized and customized, how do you accommodate each of their needs, experiences, and desires into specific advertising?

Serve customized ads to your audience with Facebook’s dynamic ads. A type of remarketing, dynamic ads promote specific content (or products) that a website or app visitor has viewed before, customizing the ad’s display to each individual in your audience. By tracking their viewing history and interests, Facebook and Instagram pull the specific images and product links to appear primary in the ad, creating a unique ad experience for all. By creating one dynamic ad campaign, you can, in effect, create hundreds (or thousands) of different ads.

A visual explains how dynamic ads run from product catalogs on Facebook.

2. How can we optimize our social media advertising to convert leads?

A large social media spend is difficult to justify without the requisite ROI, yet optimizing your advertising to increase conversion is possible and very trackable. Remarketing campaigns and lookalike audiences can generate not only more leads but higher quality leads for your organization.

A smart ad workflow cultivates deeper relationships at each stage of the marketing funnel.

Create an ad workflow that motivates visitors to become customers. What are the steps someone takes to become a customer or donor of your organization? Maybe certain web pages are visited, maybe certain videos are watched, or signup forms are completed. With retargeting ads—available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn—you can position ads in front of each group at each stage of the marketing funnel. Did they just visit your website for the first time? Maybe that segment is invited to join your email list. Did they almost purchase or donate? Show ads reminding them of the transaction and benefits to come. With segments being automatically updated, prospects can seemlessly move down the marketing funnel with relevant advertising.

Build lookalike audiences from your best customers. Upload email lists to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and let their algorithms determine commonalities amongst the group, such as salary, interests, or demographic information. You can also build lookalike audiences from website visitors, visitors to a specific landing page, or even your social media followers. To ensure the best results, consider running ad campaigns to a lookalike audience of your highest converting customers or donors.

3. We have data from our email campaigns. How can we use that to improve ad performance on social?

With robust audience segmenting on Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to use existing email data to segment your customers and create more effective ads. Separate those that opened your emails from those that maybe lapsed, opted-out, or are non-openers in your audience. Consider targeting the higher intent prospects with messaging to encourage a conversion, or use this interested group to create a look-a-like audience to expand your reach.

An example email and related ads show you your message can be carried from email campaigns to social media advertising on Facebook.

Also, consider leveraging your lapsed, opted-out, or non-openers as target audiences on social media. Familiar with your brand, these groups may be more interested in engagement on a different platform than email and could quickly give your social following a boost.

As with any marketing channel, social media advertising offers many more customizations, ad types, and features to consider. Use these three simple ideas—customized ads, higher-converting leads, and smart segmentation with email data—to get you started with some quick results.

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Graphics courtesy of Facebook Blueprint.