Initiative on Faith & Public Life

When a top public-policy think tank needed to rebrand one of its strategic initiatives, Polymath was enlisted to facilitate the process. The American Enterprise Institute’s Values & Capitalism project celebrated 10 years of success as a special economics program for some of America’s most promising college students, but, in many ways, the purpose and audience…


Every year, around 100,000 people attend a Weekend to Remember marriage conference. The events have been held across the country for decades and represent the flagship product of FamilyLife, founded by author and radio personality Dennis Rainey. Despite the ongoing success of the event, FamilyLife leadership felt it was critical to update and enhance the…

The Lupton Center

Bob Lupton’s acclaimed book Toxic Charity has inspired a movement to rethink the current models of community development. To train the growing number of leaders in this movement, the Lupton Center was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, where they work directly with city planners and nonprofit organizations to create lasting change in disadvantaged communities.     After…


Thousands of groundbreaking research studies have been made possible by the John Templeton Foundation, whose namesake shared a passion for exploring life’s “Big Questions.” Relegated to academic journals and other insider outlets, their enlightening discoveries often fail to enter the public consciousness. Working in collaboration with Sword & Spoon Group, Polymath presented the foundation with…

Agency Reel


OQ Farm

Creating a safe space

Terminus Collective

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McMullin for President

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