When a top public-policy think tank needed to rebrand one of its strategic initiatives, Polymath was enlisted to facilitate the process. The then-named “Values & Capitalism Project” of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) celebrated 10 years of success as a special economics program for some of America’s most promising college students, but, in many ways, the purpose and audience had shifted over time. This created obstacles to engagement among key audiences and a misunderstanding about what people should expect through engagement with the program.


AEI Initiative on Faith & Public Life logo


To reflect the evolution of the organization, Polymath led AEI through a process to update and redefine the program’s mission and to launch a fully redeveloped brand via a new logo and website. This journey required a deep analysis of audience sentiment and areas of strategic differentiation. The resulting brand message spoke more clearly to the unique strengths of the organization.


AEI Initiative on Faith & Public Life website design


AEI’s new Initiative on Faith & Public Life was launched to broad enthusiasm among friends and stakeholders and quickly lowered barriers for new audiences.

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