In celebration of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Baylor University Honors College set out with a grand ambition: to create the world’s largest Dante reading group. And they enlisted Polymath to make it happen.

Beginning with branding, we crafted a logo for the “100 Days of Dante” inspired by the classic work. We then translated that visual identity into an immersive website designed to onboard participants and house a trove of content from Dante scholars analyzing each of the book’s 100 chapters (called cantos).


Desktop and mobile samples the 100 Days of Dante website design

A highly artistic animation we made stoked global interest and media recognition, eventually inspiring more than 10,000 readers to participate in the 100-day journey through Dante’s masterpiece. Additional animated elements we produced were stitched into videos housed on both the website and Baylor’s YouTube channel.