With the largest private collection of biblical artifacts in the world, located steps from Smithsonian institutions on Washington, D.C.’s National Mall, the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) needed a content development partner who could handle the complexity, academic standards, and mass appeal demanded by several major initiatives.

In its first engagements with MOTB, Polymath performed an extensive review and revision of a private high school Bible curriculum, then oversaw the full production of an entirely new public school version. Recognizing the consistent media savvy and scholarly sensitivity of Polymath’s work, Museum of the Bible enlisted the team to develop the content experience inside the museum itself.

A key aspect of this project was the implementation of a groundbreaking “digital guide” that relies on geofencing technology to deliver entertaining stories about artifacts visitors encounter as they freely roam the exhibit halls.

Museum of the Bible (MOTB) Digital Guide | Polymath Innovations Work Gallery

It was imperative that the story of the Bible appeal to audiences of all ages and religious beliefs, and satisfy the highest of scholarly standards. Polymath pulled together teams of academics, researchers, and storytellers to weave hundreds of scripts into a narrative arc that carries visitors from space to space. The result is a rich educational experience that immerses visitors in the epic story of the Bible, leaving a lasting impact.