Patheos Labs = Polymath Innovations

From the team that launched has emerged a full-fledged creative agency, Polymath Innovations, serving nonprofits, businesses, and causes around the country. We call our ongoing collaboration “Patheos Labs.”

In many respects, the Polymath story is the Patheos story: we both share a desire to make a positive, creative impact in the marketplace of ideas. Today, Patheos is the world’s largest religion and spirituality website. And Polymath—which I founded to serve the many leaders and organizations who turned to Patheos for advice on web development and digital strategy—is a leading agency in its space.

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Since 2013, Polymath has served more than 70 brands who came to us with the courage to do something bold and in need of the right team to translate their vision.

We understand not just how to build a website but how to build an audience—and the right strategies your communications need to succeed. We also create apps, videos, brands, PR and marketing campaigns, and more.

The same spark that inspired Patheos still drives us today: We move movements because we understand that groundbreaking change requires a combination of deep understanding, incisive strategy, and artful storytelling. We help our clients dream of new possibilities, design them into existence, and deploy the right strategies and stories to engage their audiences and achieve their objectives.

Have a story worth telling? Let’s talk about your goals today.

Timothy Dalrymple, PhD
Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer, Polymath Innovations
Lab Chief, Patheos Labs
Former VP of Business Development,


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