One of the South’s pre-eminent Christian academic institutions, Covenant College, came to Polymath with a challenge: market our on-campus experience like a product and help differentiate us in the higher-ed space.

Using research we conducted with faculty, students, alumni, parents, and prospective students, we developed a fully fledged, “productized” version of Covenant’s distinctive experience in the form of “The Covenant Ascent,” named in part as a reference to the school’s home base on Lookout Mountain, GA.

We translated this reframing of the Covenant College 4-year campus experience into a 22-page messaging framework for educating staff, parents, and alumni on how to talk about Covenant’s unique offerings to prospective students.

In addition to creating a visual sub-brand for The Covenant Ascent, we designed a variety of promotional assets to support the college’s marketing efforts, including a microsite and promotional flyers mailed to students across the Southeast.