Every year, around 100,000 people attend a Weekend to Remember marriage conference. The events have been held across the country for decades and represent the flagship product of FamilyLife, founded by author and radio personality Dennis Rainey.

Despite the ongoing success of the event, FamilyLife leadership felt it was critical to update and enhance the experience for a new generation, and they sought the help of Polymath to make it happen.



Over months of research and assessing opportunities for improvement, Polymath and the FamilyLife team settled on a new vision for the conference and a set of objectives that would take it to an entirely new level. Executing the vision required a restructuring of the program, a fresh brand identity, and development of all-new teaching curriculum, printed guidebooks, videos, stage design, signage, and marketing collateral.



The new Weekend to Remember was piloted in multiple locations, using data we gathered through surveys and focus groups. The insights from test events led to further breakthroughs in design and planning to enable better scalability, smoother logistics, and an overall stronger guest experience.