A consortium of mission aviation nonprofits, led by Proclaim Aviation, approached Polymath with a daunting challenge: to save their aging industry by recruiting young people to opt for careers as missionary airplane pilots and mechanics.

We conducted audience surveys and interviews that led to creation of detailed target personas and research-based messaging tailored for teens. Our analysis further examined what marketing channels to prioritize in order to reach those audiences through future communications efforts.

Our marketing strategy included a concept for a national “Got Milk?”-style campaign that we branded “Unreachable No More”—complete with web, email, social media, influencer partnership, and paid advertising components.



That strategy later became reality as we designed the brand, built an immersive and innovative microsite, and created email drip campaigns, among other assets. Thousands of teens have now been exposed to the campaign through various digital and in-person efforts to reach the next generation of mission aviators.


Unreachable No More website design mockups