Not every website is a proverbial “kitchen sink” of bells and whistles… When a nationally-respected public relations agency approached Polymath about redoing their site, its ask was quite the opposite: make us a sleek and minimalist storefront that, by intentionally limiting the amount of info shown, fosters a sense of brand exclusivity.

While a simple landing page might have done the trick, we took that idea to the next level by designing a unique layout reflective of The KAIROS Company’s own top-flight reputation. The resulting site was built mobile-first, incorporating an innovative vertical side menu instead of the traditional navigation bar.

The KAIROS Company website shown on mobile device The KAIROS Company website shown on iPad

That seamless frontend design was coupled with a serious upgrade to the site’s backend systems—namely in the form of highly modular client newsrooms that automatically integrate with the PR firm’s third-party media tracking software.

The KAIROS Company newsroom shown on iPad

The KAIROS Company site is now impressing their prospective clients and saving their team hours on website content maintenance.