Omni Logistics provides global solutions to business operations challenges. To attract investors and customers alike, Omni asked Polymath to concept and produce a video that would capture the scale and capabilities of its brand.



The first challenge with making any video about logistics is, naturally, explaining such an expansive, complex concept. Our key insight came from a line in Omni’s brief to “make it easy enough for my grandparents to get it.” This led to the development of an opening sequence that focuses on the way the world has changed over the last century. Today, we live in a much more globalized, connected world, and companies like Omni make it possible.

Shot in two cities over two-and-a-half days—and with an expedited scripting and production schedule on top of that—the video heavily features the many faces that make up Omni Logistics…all done to drive home the message behind the company’s tagline, “All in.”