Harnessing Data to Make Branding Decisions

Branding is tricky work, but knowing how to support the creative process with data can help you make confident decisions.

In Times of Crisis, Actions Speak Louder than Words

When crises strike, our first instinct as communicators is often to scramble together a coherent statement. Ever heard the maxim, “Say it first, and say it fast”? Well-intentioned as that may be, a rapid-fire response mindset opens up a world of pitfalls… What if what feels like a crisis to you isn’t really a crisis…

Why Won’t You Read This?

Did that title jarr you a bit, perhaps even offend you just a little? Or, conversely, did I endear myself to you ever so slightly by identifying our collective inclination to skim headlines on articles we’ll never read? Regardless, you’re probably a bit more “aware” of yourself and your relation to this article; you may…

After 7 Years as a Remote Agency, We Have a Few Tips

For the millions of Americans who are facing a whole new definition of work/life balance in the era of coronavirus, we at Polymath want to extend a warm welcome to the life of remote work. We’ve been a distributed agency since the beginning, and we’ve learned a few things about how to stay focused, productive…

‘Storyselling’: The Art & Science of Connection

Storytelling is a critical tool for brands who aim to create meaningful connection with audiences. If you want your message to be “sticky,” here’s how you do it.

A Year for the Books

It’s 2020, so we’re looking back to review the highlights and crunch the numbers on our year that was. In our sixth year as an agency, our “Polymathletes” spent more than 22,000 hours bringing our partners’ visions to life—creating ultimate impact for their people, their clients, their customers, their donors, and their fans. At a…

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