Do This Before You Design a New Website

Whether you’re launching a new company or refreshing a site that just isn’t working for you anymore, here are a few research and strategy tips to make sure the investment in your new website pays off. Launching a website is one of the first things anyone does when starting a company. It’s your address online,…

Should You Be a Branded House or a House of Brands?

There comes a point in any company’s growth when it introduces a major product and faces the question of whether to launch a new brand or keep it all under one roof. Not every idea needs its own identity, but certain scenarios make it worthy of consideration. Perhaps a new product represents an expansion into…

Behind the Scenes of the Jerusalem Podcast: An Interview with Tim Dalrymple

Last year, Polymath launched a densely-researched, on-location podcast about the history of Jerusalem. We sat down with the show’s host, Dr. Tim Dalrymple—founder of Polymath and current president of Christianity Today—to learn how it all went down. Tim, thanks for taking time to chat about your experience on the podcast. I know this project was…

8 of Our Favorite Things from 2020

Well, we made it. 2020 is over. What a wild ride this last year has been for everyone, including us at Polymath Innovations. What began as a year of great promise quickly turned into…something else…as plans, campaigns, and projects were simultaneously upended by a global health crisis and transformed by rapid shifts toward digital-first communications….

Marketing to Gen Z: Trends and Tips You Need to Know

The past 15 years have seen countless think pieces on millennial attitudes, trends, and preferences, and how to engage that group born in the ’80s through mid-’90s. But if you haven’t noticed already, 2020 marked a seismic shift as the next generation—”Gen Z”—has taken the spotlight. You can think of Gen Z as anyone currently…

Eureka! The Surprising Truth About Brilliant Ideas.

We need another approach to problem solving, what I would call creative problem solving, a way of drawing upon resources outside of our spotlight consciousness to generate not only creative solutions but solutions that can actually resolve these types of wicked problems.

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