Life on Life

Increase brand awareness of the organization and its offerings, and scale the number of churches using their model. These were the two objectives given to Polymath by Life on Life, a global discipleship ministry first launched out of Atlanta-area megachurch Perimeter. We led Life on Life through a detailed research and ideation process with their…

Covenant College

One of the South’s pre-eminent Christian academic institutions, Covenant College, came to Polymath with a challenge: market our on-campus experience like a product and help differentiate us in the higher-ed space. Using research we conducted with faculty, students, alumni, parents, and prospective students, we developed a fully fledged, “productized” version of Covenant’s distinctive experience in…

Proclaim Aviation

A consortium of mission aviation nonprofits, led by Proclaim Aviation, approached Polymath with a daunting challenge: to save their aging industry by recruiting young people to opt for careers as missionary airplane pilots and mechanics. We conducted audience surveys and interviews that led to creation of detailed target personas and research-based messaging tailored for teens….


Working in collaboration with the John Templeton Foundation and Sword & Spoon Group, Polymath developed a concept for a consumer-facing media platform highlighting research and news at the intersection of “science and meaning.” Following an initial phase of branding, design, and content development, ORBITER magazine was born.     Our branding, website, and video work…

Agency Reel



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